Preparing for Apple stage 1: Wakoopa

Ok, so it’s october finally and this will be the month that i’m finally going to stop using Windows based pc’s and start using Apple Macintosh. After more then 15 years of using those Redmondish machines I have enough with them. More and more I came to the conclusion that a diversity of companies in one machine isn’t working. So now I’m making The Swith.

This is not a decision that was made over one night. For some years now I’m very interested in the activities in Cupertino. But the way I use the computer was not corresponding with the possibilities that the Mac had to offer back then.
Since they changed to Intel ánd the amount of (open source) software grew, there was nothing that holds me back for switching to Apple.

A couple of months now I’m busy to read Apple related news and I’m searching which applications I can use on my future iMac. Of course a lot of software is nowadays OS independent. But better, slicker, cheaper, efficient software is always welcome.

What I want to know right now is what I actually use a lot on my pc. So I signed myself in at Wakoopa, a social network that tracks down the software that I’m using. In the meantime; if you have some software tips, please let me know!

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  1. *--* schreef:

    Our numbers grow!

  2. Zoute pruik schreef:

    making The Swith? w000t!

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