Future Apple OSX .tsk themes

SCOOP! The new forthcoming names of Apple’s new OSX’ have been leaked out! 10.6 will be called “Giraffe” and 10.7 will be called “Gecko”. The two accompanying .tsk themes for your Pocket PC can be downloaded here beneath!

Giraffe OSX Gecko OSX


Question: If I would upload each day a new .tsk theme – a better quality and more creative then these two, of course – would you visit this site more often to download/use/laugh @/criticise them?

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2 reacties op Future Apple OSX .tsk themes

  1. Zoute pruik schreef:

    I make my own tsk themes, en though I like seeing your work, I think you better not do it to much. Overall where to for stands is not good, you know toch.

    But it’s nice for the change.

  2. Jeroen schreef:

    Ah! So it’s you who is downloading the whole time all my themes! And I had the hope that real other people were inderdeed interested in my creations.

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